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We're So Skruuwd...

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remember DDT?






check this out



it may not be this one

but i bet the end of the human race is out there already...


that's jus depressing



i better go ride

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Always knew all the dumb asses using the anti bacterial shit were gonna die from it. As kids we were incouraged to go out side to play, well now, kids just sit inside in the festering filth of ther rooms playing video games and getting fat. Go figure. My kids were always forced to do as we did, go outside !

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A ride always seems to help...










This here vid is a 2 minute clip from NatGeo's 'Down to the Earth's Core' documentry. The whole thing is 90 minutes long. It shows molten iron columns miles high and circulating tornadolike 300 miles below the crust. It is an awesome spectacle and was an eye opener to watch if you find the time. Makes a bit of poison dust on the crust look benign in comparison.


Just outside the Earth's core, a storm of liquid metal rages, and without it, no life would exist. The electromagnetic fields created by this action holds our atmosphere and oceans in place.





There is the whole NatGeo show available in the line up that fills the screen at the end of the 2 minute segment.

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