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Went to Milwaukee Summerfest this past Saturday to see Aerosmith with Cheap Trick as the opener.

I gotta admit; when I bought the tickets for the show several months ago, It was more for nostalgic reasons. I didn't expect too much as far as quality. I mean...the band is getting "up there", and they were known for putting on a high energy show back in the day. I've seen them early in their "drug years", and those shows weren't that good. I've seen them when they made a comeback in the mid-late 80's, and those shows were very good.

This time I figured Steven Tyler's vocals would be mediocre at best, and the band would probably start the show in high energy mode, but finish somewhere in the mid-to-"gimme some oxygen" range.

Well...the show was just the opposite of what I expected.

They came out smokin' and kept it up for the entire 2 hour set. The vocals were perfect, and the band was tight. Joe Perry still plays the guitar like he's in his prime. Tyler's on-stage antics made you believe that he's actually 30 years younger than he is. What I really liked, is that they dug into their old stuff from "Get Your Wings", "Rocks", "Toys In The Attic", and from "Night In The Ruts" they finished the show with Train Kept A-Rollin'. There were a few newer songs in their set, but they kept those to a minimum.

Awesome show!




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Cheap Trick did a great job as well.

As you probably know, this is Cheap Trick's stompping grounds, so anytime they come around here they pack 'em in and are very well received.

And rightfully so...they rocked hard! Robin Zander was in prime form vocally...very powerful. Rick Neilsen (at 66 years old) still clowns around on-stage as he always has...he can still fucking play his guitar too! They played songs going all the way back to their first album (remember ELO Kiddies?). By the end of their set, the crowd was rocking! The only thing missing was Bun E. Carlos. He no longer tours with the band I guess. Daxx Neilsen (Rick's son) filled in on drums, and did an excellent job.

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