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This Is Why I Don't Leave My Car In Anybody Else's Care.

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Agree, what do you have, a Grand National?

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That park lot is is right down the street from me,,, he was closed the next day after Ch 9 busted his sorry ass....

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aha!!! so it was you that ratted him out, chiefen? lol


you are correct satuit

Im not stock though, he is. which is just bad ass how fast their making some of these cars right out the showroom, and with the suspension ta boot!

my bottom end is stock though, and Im still runnin (knock on wood) unopened heads. and have probably less than a 1/4 of the $$$ invested than the price of a new vette these days.

mine aint red either :(

red paint is 40 more hp all in it self

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Love those cars, my buddy has an '87, forget the red, black is beautiful. Happy belated by the way.

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