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Very Very Clever.....those Texas Guys.....

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Yeah, but it wouldn't have been out of the ordinary to find a nude body outside in the middle of January up here in Wisconsin.

You can just call us "Texas North".


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Came to collect his bill ????


You mean you can CHARGE those in Texas ???



Wonder if they will take a check ????

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Not a bad way to go. Least he did not lay in a hospital letting them suck money out of him/insurance. Remember before my farther in law died he always told me that when his time came it was going to be like you flip a light switch off/on and he is gone. He would not be in no hospital. And thats the way he went. Was trimming up a tree reached down to pick up a piece of wood stood up and fell back over he went and he was gone to the other side.

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Thats it!!!! Thats how I want to go!

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