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Indian Retailers - And Other Tips

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Now it's only a month left until our first visit to the United States. Since we in Norway have no Indian vendors I would like to tip someone who is on the route we will follow in July:




We are in the area during the period 2 July 24 July and would like tips on other things going on - such as festivals and the like?


We have already received many tips / advice through the forum (http://www.indianmot...showtopic=33998) and we have had many great tips on places we should visit.



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I see your touring California... good for you !! You will love seeing the likes of Central California.. i.e. Highway 1 up the coast towards Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey and over to Yosemite National Park...


While crusing up Hwy 1, if time permits.. visit Hearst Castle http://www.hearstcastle.org/ in San Simeon. Also, you will be in Wine Country too.. Hwy 46 near Cambria will give you close to 100 wineries and tasting rooms to visit.. that is if your into wine..


When in Carmel... downtown Carmel is a nice place visit and walk..lots of shops and restraruants... If in Carmel, be sure to drive down to the bottom of Carmel's main street (Ocean Ave).. there is a awesome beach to walk with views of Pebble Beach.. When leaving Carmel's beach parking lot, drive South on "Scenic Road", this follows the coastline, here you will see how the rich live and the views they get to wake up to every morning.. Scenic Road will eventually lead you back to Hwy 1.. just have your map handy, you will have to make a zig and a zag to get back on Hwy 1.. There is also 17 Mile Drive through Pebble Beach.. you will have to pay to drive this but so worth the money...


When visiting Monterey, which is just around the corner from Carmel.. the tourist thing to do is "Cannery Row" and "Fisherman's Wharf".. And if time permits, just past Cannery Row, drive "Ocean View Blvd & Sunset Drive", this is a excellent ocean front drive in all its glory..


If your bringing children as part of your family.. from Monterey, drive North on Highway 1 to Santa Cruz... there is a Beach Boardwalk with amusement rides for the kids.. and a pretty cool Wharf-Pier you can drive out on.. There are Shops and Restraruants at the end of the Santa Cruz Wharf-Pier..


When in Yosemite, I suggest the following 3 must see things to do..

  1. Glacier Point
  2. Inspiration Point
  3. The Ahwahnee Hotel

Just to bad you will not be riding a bike through Yosemite, when riding a bike you get the real deal-views with all the Granite Walls surronding you... some almost, if not, 3,000 feet tall...


Please keep us posted WHEN, WHERE you are and what days you will be coming through the Carmel and Monterey area... If I have the time (not working), would love stop by to meet you to say hello..



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Thank you for your reply. We are a family of 4 - kids are 9 and 12 years old. I will try to update where we are when we are in your area, it would be very nice to meet - perhaps for a coffee or other drinks.



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