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Need Help!!!!! Trying To Find T-Shirt!!!

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back in 02 I bought my first brand new vehicle ever. I went to the bank, got a loan, and laid down $17,500 for a brand new silver and gray 01 chief at a local dealership (royal gate Indian). with the deal, I got them to throw in a new Indian leather jacket, 2 Indian sweashirts, and a black Indian t-shirt.

I had to sell the Indian after a year and a half and only 1,400 miles. I was right out of college, to many bills, and to many irons in the fire. I had to sell it.

the jacket is still with me and is still worn. the sweatshirts are long gone worn out. the t-shirt is still worn but is in really bad shape.

here is a pic of the tshirt with yours truly and the contrast/lighting from the stage is making it appear better than it really is. its actually almost thread-bare.


I want another one exactly like it.

anybody have any leads?

size XL




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that was a womans shirt....if not mistaken.









just kidding.....never saw one like it personally. RAMP had a lot of weird stuff though but like I said never saw one like that before. Good luck...

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Talk to Guy...he gets ALOT of dealer t-shirts in his Ebay store. He may be able to come up with one.



Here is a link to his Ebay store.



No idea where he gets stuff from, but he does. I was just talking to him today about hand controls. He said he can get them if I want them & he has them for $10 cheaper then the arch enemy Aardvark...lol


by the way, I like Rickenbackers better :)

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Amazing, I lost my 73 Jazz to a home burglary. Natural body with pearl inlay/maple neck. 3 bolt neck all original with growling passive pickups.


I still have other Fender vintage instruments. I'll upload a pic of my son on bass.


The boy has the following

1983 Precision creme/maple black dot inlays

1992 Jazz reissue'62 sunburst/rosewood white dot inlays

1995 Stratocaster Ocean torquise/matching headstock rosewood neck



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Other rigs I own,


1971 Fender Precision sunburst/rosewood (the yellow has a small hint of green over the years)

1989 Warwick Thumbass natural/bubinga

1994 Musicman Stingray sunburst/maple

1999 Fender Jazz reissue '62 Lake Placid blue/ebony. Rare find at a local used guitar shop


We share a UK made Trace Elliot

AH600 Head

2X10 Cab

1X15 Cab

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sunking, those are some awesome pics!!! congrats to you and your son. I am a vintage type purist myself when it comes to most instruments, so your already awesome in my book!! lol!

I'll spare you the pics from my goth days. there was actually a time when I would not leave the house without makeup. (as gay as that sounds)


I was never into the rickenbackers, but they where cool, no doubt. anything with active pickups is gonna be out of my intrest these days. but I will admit that I let a pickup boost pedal do alot of the work for my amp (don't tell anybody).


my 78 here



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DR are you eating a booger in that pic?


Do an E Bay search for Indian Shirt, I think I saw one similar, I picked up a few good ones on there

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I haven't played with anyone since early 2003. My daughter was born in March and my son turned to the age of U-6 soccer. My son is now independent but having to deal with my daughter's sports and catechism class, it's all a drag but positive end results. I helped out two young brothers from Arizona here in the greater Los Angeles area in 2002 up until the birth of my daughter, my wife pulled the plug on me, damn!


I take no credit on wikipedia page as I only helped out with local gigs around town and they didn't have a record deal as of yet.



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I actually used to play guitar most the time. these days it just seems easier if I scream and play bass.

let the guitar egomaniacs have their time in the spot light.

I can still get the hot girls and play bass :rotfl:

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shit now you are going to force Mike K to post up all his bass guitars and him in full KISS makeup playing one of Gene Simmons battleaxe bass guitars.......you have awakened the beast!

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damn! thats a british auction. i hate buying direct crom overseas. guess i'll just take a chance anyway. ive noticed theres been some other cool indian stuff in gb thats not available here also

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