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Moose Says "no Ride Til Later"

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I look out below the house on Friday morning and spot this big cow down below;





After a some coffee, I don't see her anymore and figured she went down toward the lake. I head out up to my garage to go for a ride after the sun warms, and there she is in my drive, these pics are taken after she and a young male nearly stomped my 3 inquisitive black labs into mush, fortunately for fat bastards, they move pretty fast when scared.











I didn't get a shot of the male off to my left he was in the brush and I was worried about getting too close as he was already pissed off. i rode later when it was safe to get among the nutz driving and texting :P

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A friend of mine's Dad was driving down a fire lane in his F150, when a bull stepped out in front of him. This was up in Maine. He stopped and waited, with the bull just staring at him. He honked his horn, and that moose charged and tore the hood off his pick-up and tore the front end up. :o Scared the shit out of the ol' man.

Yep, best to wait till they go away. :D

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