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Just Because We Can, Doesn't Mean We Should.

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Maybe I’m just getting old, but it seems to me that the world has fallen in love with what seems to me to be useless gizmos. Do we really need blind spot alerts in the mirrors on our cars and trucks? Do we really need radar on our car to warn us if we are coming up too close behind some one? Shouldn’t we just be paying attention and turning our heads to look in our blind spots before we change lanes?


Do we really need a billion songs loaded into the computer in our cars and trucks from which we can pick the genre and title with a voice command? Why can’t we just turn the dial on the radio, or better yet turn the darned thing off?


Do we really need to update our Facebook page or Twitter while we are driving? Do we really need blue tooth stuck in our ears and hands free phone communication while we are driving? Shouldn’t we just wait until we stop at our destination to place calls and all the rest of it? I mean, is your Facebook status or Twitter tweet, or your phone voice or text message really THAT important? Is it worth putting everyone’s life at risk that happens to be on the road with you just so you can post a tweet?


What has happened to us?


On my Indian Darkhorse I have read outs for far more than I could ever want to know. Much of this is useless information to me.


I like the low fuel warning light, but have no need in the miles till empty or miles since low fuel warning. This was especially true last night when my low fuel warning light went on, and the mile indicator told me that I had come 1,240 miles since the warning was issued. It sure seems like I’m getting really good gas mileage.


Another useless so called feature is the nagging I receive if I leave my turn signal on too long. It seems to me that it would much easier to implement and much less to break or go wrong if the signal either just kept blinking or went off after a few seconds.


Yet another useless feature is the warning that goes off if the on board computer comes to believe one of my lights has gone out. This warning will kick off if you switch to LED lights from the standard incandescent ones. I check my lights every morning when I get on my bike to head out somewhere. So I don’t need this warning and I don’t need to be nagged because I have a LED tail light.


If I feel the need to be nagged I’ll ask a professional… my wife, she usually is happy to comply.


All this useless technology we as a culture have embraced seems to just make us lazy. With calculators everywhere no knows the multiplication tables any more. With spell checkers everywhere no one knows how to spell anymore. With all the addresses and phone numbers on your cell phone no one remembers anyone’s phone number. The prevalence of GPS systems allows us to not remember where we are or where we are going, we just follow where Greta Garmin tells us to go.


While some technology makes us safer and enhances our lives, it should be no substitute for paying attention, being courteous to others, or using our own faculties and memories. So as far as technology goes, just because we can doesn’t mean we should.



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Yep the world is becoming more numb every day because we no longer have to think on our own. I do have to have music every day and that started when I was still in diapers and will never change until the heart stops beating I believe. By the way go put fuel in the Dark Horse before you run out, your light told you so.

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And you know what else I really hate, damm internet forums! All that checking for new content and useless threads about oil and politics!

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"Do we really need a billion songs loaded into the computer in our cars and trucks from which we can pick the genre and title with a voice command?"




Kepe tha mirers.


If you have any of those musik thangs and don wanem, send em my way.


An tanks en advanse.

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