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Sherrif Arpaio

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Next you're going to tell me Whitney used cocaine....

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I'd love for this to be true, the rat has to go. Only problem is that folks will be burning down Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, LA etc

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At the end of the Micros Surgeons Conference in New York, all the leading surgeons were in a bar at the Hilton, and reminiscing over their great feats in the medical arts.

The English Surgeon was saying "Well, there was a fellow caught in machinery in the British Leyland plant last month. All that was left was a little finger. I reconstructed a new hand from the finger, built it into a new arm, engineered a new body, and ultimately he was so efficient he put five men out of work."

"That's nothing" said the American Surgeon. "We had a worker trapped in a nuclear reactor and all that remained of him was just one hair off his head. I had to construct a new scull, create a torso and provide new limbs. He is now so efficient that he has put fifty workers off the job."

"I can top that" said the Kenyan Surgeon. "I was walking down the street when I caught a fart, quickly wrapped a bottom around it, built a body to match, named it Barak Obama and now he has half this country out of work".


And there was that Kenyan birth certificate...Unknown Hinson for President!


Salud! :Beer-Chug[1]:

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