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Just heard on the radio that a tornado went through downtown Branson last night. What's up Mike. Tell us what's going on.


Helluva tornado to be sure.


Missed us out here on the point, but pretty much the middle of the strip heading east over to the Branson Landing took a whipping. Am going down to the resort right now to see if there is anything on the point damaged - but for now nothing else to report.


Will keep you posted. Thanks for asking, Mike

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says it tore up main street in branson....man you have some close calls....lets hope for all to have full recovery.

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Incredible isnt it? I jave lived here 8 years now and this is the fifth tornado to hit IP in that time.


Quick rundown as I jave been updating facebook. We were hit afterall. about 1/4 mile uproad ffom HFR. Tornado took oit dock and campgroind. Lots of damged trees. power out still for 13 hours. no deaths just lots of jumpy people. ;-)

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Saw your pictures. Looks bad.

We had a tornado go through our little town up here on Father's day several years ago.

It was a few blocks from my house. I actually went outside to look at it as it was going passed.

It was a pretty scary thing, the aftermath was surreal.

Roofs gone, huge trees down laying in the middle of the street, cars up on the sidewalk. No power for two days.

When it was over, the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was hard to believe that moments ago a tornado was ripping trees out of the ground.


Anyway, glad you guys and your property are ok.

Five tornados that close to you in eight years would have me a little skittish.

You're a solid man, Mike. :Beer-Chug[1]:

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I remember the last time we had a tornado watch at IRIP.






THis little mean red-headed girl wandering out in the street in the rain and wind -- with her arms reached toward the heavens---





And this big 200 lb plus guy hiding in the bathroom of the Cottage-- ----------------yelling-------------------------"Yall better git in here" -------------

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