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here it is on another site in case that one is blocked by work firewall...




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"Paul Greenstein was renting his 1937 Indian Sport Scout (he bought junk it 37 years ago when it was 37 years old) to a high-production-value Jack Daniels commercial. He parked the bike and stood around, leaning against a wall, waiting for instructions on what to do with the bike. Somebody came up and asked him if he was in SAG (the Screen Actors Guild). Somebody else came up to him and complimented his cowboy shirt, saying that his was much nicer than the ones they rented for the shoot, and asking if they could rent it right off his back.


And then it became clear: "Do you want to be in the shot?" "What do I have to do?" "Just what you're doing now."


So here's the commercial, with Paul and his bike:"




FullScreen Here

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