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How about that 11th inning homer last night!



How about the errors by both teams, there is no way this game goes past 9 inning without the Cluster F in the field by both teams....Root for the team that F'ed up the least is more like it. No one who watched the entire game can say this was a better game than Black Jack Morris pitching a shutout for the Twins or walk off HR's by some of the Yankee teams, or the SF team last year pitching lights out ball. A CLASSIC game is one in which BOTH TEAMs play to their levels and the better one wins, this wasn't the case here. The team that SUCKed less won!!!

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True, but ya gotta admit, it wasn't the usual "snoozer" of a ball game.

It wasn't the best game played but sure was exciting to watch. GO TEXAS!!!! :Beer-Chug[1]:

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It was like a car wreck.....you couldn't NOT look. Interesting game....Cardinals 11 in 11!!

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and you gotta love the hometown boy with the walkoff home run in game 6 and the series MVP.......doesn't get any better than that!!!!!

Right on,...they were a stike away from losing twice,...then came back & took all!!!

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