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I went down to their 25th and did some shopping for the Spirit. They had oodles of parts and I was told that there was still a few loads in the back that they haven't sorted out yet. I also found out that the prices were going up due to demand. If you want something, get it now or pay Ebay prices. They had lots of fenders, trannys, starters, engines (100, 92, 88), gas tanks, wheels, seats, seat rails, and so on and so forth.

 I asked them what would be the best way to request parts. I was told to call them, give them a list and they would dig throught their stash and give you a call back.

By the way, fenders were bringing $550 a set and tanks were bringing $350. They also had raw of each for about half the price. All models but mostly 02 and 03 stuff. So there you go.


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