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WHAT: Indian Day West & AMA Flat Track Finals


WHERE: Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, Pomona, CA


AMA: Fairplex Pomona


WHEN: Saturday, Oct 15


IDW: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm


AMA: Practice 3:00 pm


Opening ceremony 6:30 pm


First race: 7:00 pm


Finish: 9:40 pm



We need to get some peep's lined up to attend, For those that have never attended one of these races..... They are awesome :Feet-Up[1]:

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Hey Chris, I'll be at LAX for awhile Monday, and I'll be there again on the 21st.

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Just went to the one at Calistoga last Saturday night on the 1/2 mile sprint car track- the best part is the dozen or so traveling honeys in various states of (un)dress parading around all night- they're pretty good at walking on the dirt track in micro-mini's and 5" heels :bvictory: They never had honeys like that for us when we ran the 410 sprint car up there, not even when we ran with the World of Outlaws- just OFG officials and one lone local trophy girl <_< But they did let me take my Chief in the infield pits and ride it around the track a couple times- NOT sideways LOL.. Officials had a Trail 70..


There's a little blonde gal in the juniors you want to watch, she battled through the whole main event for second place with one of the guys, handlebars inside each other, rubbed tires a couple times, and changed places almost every lap- she passed him on the outside in turn 4 on the last lap and beat him by 2 ft- crowd went nutz :fam24:

Best part, only a couple tumbles, and nobody got boogered up too bad, and only one XR went boom

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@ Gene. Watch for the Wicked Eye next time ya drive by san ramone.


me ride um Centennial




Wicked Eye is no more, been gone for a while. It was right by the Laborers' training center, those goobers never made it to school in the morning sober once

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