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A Chief Of A Different Color.

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It's an '80s vintage True Value Lawn Chief racing tractor!








I freshened up the emblems, using my model railroading skills.


Two of my bros and I have taken up lawnmower racing, and while I'm not racing myself, it is my responsibility to help build and maintain said tractors, promote them, look for sponsership, and come the off season, do some engine building.


The Chief is still in the building stage, and will run in a stock prepped class, as dictated by the US Lawnmower Racing Association. It will be using a very lightly modified 12 horse 28ci Briggs&Straton, and will be capable of running speeds around 50mph. It's first race is Oct 9th.


Average on the tracks in New England is approx 25 to 30 on the straights depending on the size. Tracks are mostly at fairgrounds.


We have one tractor completed and in it's first season, with no previous experience at all, it's driver, Josh Coleman, is currently second in points.


This is the completed tractor and it's a '70s vintage AMF, which in this case stands for "Adios Motherfucker"!










What a frigin' blast!

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NICE!!! Can you tweak mine a bit? I think my top speed is around 4mph :Beer-Chug[1]:

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