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Importing 2003 Indian To Canada

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GUYS, my Brother purchased a 2003 indian chief and needs to have it approved for DOT Canada. the canadian DOT have a approved list of USA bikes allowed into Canada. I found an older list where the 1999 - 2004 Indians were admissable from USA to Canada. Now I have also found online that when a company manufacture goes out of business that another business can be named WMI World manufacture Identifier. The WMI for Indian was given to:

Indian Motorcycle Company

WMI # 5CD/ 5YA

116 Battleground Rd

Kings Mountain NC 28086-8259, 280868259

United States

I can not get any response from Indian motor company now polaris in N.C..


The problem He has ran into was the latest approved list for Motorcycles accepted in Canada from USA has been revised like 15 times and now the only approved Indians into Canada are the 2009 and later models.Can anyone shead any light on this topic as to how to get the 2003 Indian approved or to get a copy of the original DOT Certificate once used for the DOT USA ?

Brad bscarr@cfl.rr.com

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Google Alberta Indian Riders and review this process on their website. Many have been imported a guy named Meeks on here did it a few months back. The Company is no longer in Kings Mountain.


I think you bring it to Canadian Tire and get something called the RIV papers and pay some Canadian Tire Dollars or something. Then get a Double Double at Tim Horton's on the way to your igloo.

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Have a look on the Alberta Iron Indian Rider site. There is a link on how to import into Canada.  A fellow just finally got his scout through the system and it was very long and frustrating experience for him. He used an importer but the paper work was trying on the mans patience.<br />It is tough but worth all the pain.



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