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Indian Motorcycle Celebrates 110 At Sturgis

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I think Denning should move to Australia, marry BraveSucker and ride their HD's to their heart's content. Neither of them can stay away from the forum (even if they've sworn to never come back) and neither can say anything good about Indian or the US. Typical trolls who's lives suck so bad they fell like they need to drag everyone else down with them to share their miserable fucking life.

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Well its nice to see the effort, not only do i agree with the above post ( face reality girls ) BUT how can they expect to produce and sell 2012 models when they still cant unload whats left of the

Hah - with all this money talk about next week 3 8 11 and the debt ceiling not being lifted, our Pacific peso went up again overnight to being worth US$1.10.   I remember about 5 years ago our dolla

Where the heck is Moe?


About now he should be posting up

I hate Obama


Some guys ya jus' can't rely on, whats this world commin' too?



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When Brits lost the colonies, they needed a new place to send the less successful crooks ....


Australia was decided upon as the farthest shithole they could toss 'em to & forget 'em. :Beer-Chug[1]:




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Along the coast of Austrlia, the capes have nasty names such as cape fear, tribulation, hell, etc. as the storms, rocks, reefs, and sanbars grounded and destroyed sailing ships in the early days. Another reason Brit's prisoners were dumped off there. Stories have it the abbos (aussie version slang for negro) did witchcraft, voodoo, cast evil spells, etc. on the white people. Australia was a giant version of Alacatraz back in the day. Stupid Brits didn't realize they were dumping of prisoners in eventual paradise. I'd love to go back to Austrlia or go 1st time to New Zealand. The plane ride is hell however back in coach.

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