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Talk about one lucky SOB, and just one more reason you should wear a helmet, I am sure he would have sustained some pretty serious head injuries without it. Ride Safe, :Beer-Chug[1]:


Lucky SOB


VICTORVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A motorcyclist who plowed into a minivan landed unscathed in the back seat, and the driver didn't realize it until he turned into his nearby driveway, authorities said.


"We're calling this one a non-injury collision with a twist," Karen Hunt, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County sheriff's Victorville station, told the Victorville Daily Press.


The van was slowing to make a left turn when the motorcycle rear-ended it Thursday.


Callers reporting the accident told authorities: "We don't know where the rider is," and there was concern he might have slid under the van, Hunt said.


"That's when it started to sound ominous," she said.


In reality, the rider had flown through the van's back window and landed in the backseat. The van driver continued to his home less than a half-block away, where he called out to his wife that he'd been rear-ended and needed to return to the accident scene.


As he turned around to back out of the driveway, he saw the dazed biker.


The rider's helmet absorbed most of the impact, and he only asked for an ice pack for his hand, Hunt said. He did not receive further medical treatment.


Neither man was cited for the accident. Their names were not immediately released.

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That is quite an event......

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If he had taken my motorcycle safety class, the rider MIGHT not have ended up in the back seat in the first place.


Ride safe,


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Only in Victorville ...

LMAO!,,,,We have a town called "Mims",,, you expect stuff like that to happen there,, :fam24:

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Tuff to pull off a hit&run "leaving the scene of an accident"


when the victim/perp insists on hitchin' a ride witcha! :bsplit:

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I think I would have noticed the rider in the back seat a bit sooner.

That is one alert and attentive minivan driver.

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so he never noticed shattered glass...the big fucking noise of him coming through window.....or never looked back or in mirror to see what happen and noticed a 200+lb man in back wearing a helmet? Something fishy about this.....was guy carrying drugs, illegal guns, or what to make him leave scene........with guy in back...then return.


I bet he knew he was there and had to clean out the van from contraband...


fuck head...what if guy had serious injuries and died in his van while he was driving home to tell his wife he had to turn around and go back as he was rear ended? I call bullshit.

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The news from a different source said that the van driver was unlicensed. Thats why he left the scene. One lucky rider. <BR>However, the van driver was not arrested. <BR>In California, it is not an arrestable crime to drive without a license, insurance or registration. Millions of lowlifes do it every day. <BR>Legal drivers beware and carry good uninsured/underinsured coverage.

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