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How Liars Figure

.by Darwin Grigg on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 3:06am.


The latest blatent lie I've observed in the energy debate is the stat put out by liberal talking heads is the US produces only two percent of the world's oil supply. In nearly the same breath, one of the lib idiots stated that the US uses twenty percent of the world's oil production...and Obama is saying that his administration has reduced the US oil reliance on foreign suppliers from 2/3 to 1/2. Unless the revisionists have managed to change the rules of arithmetic in the same way they have changed history, half of 20 percent is 10 percent, not two percent. What is possible is that the US oil production that goes to the world market (ie, other than the US) rather than used domestically is only two percent of that market...actually, that number is believable....so, the total US oil production would be 12 percent of world total...and that I would believe. Note that the libs are very carefully stating their verbage to say "world oil supply" and not "world oil reserve." The libs have been using a strategy right out of the Cousteau playbook....regulate (artificially choke off) US oil production to a fraction of what it was, and then use that small fraction as their justification as to why it is "useless" to try using our own resources because our production is so small. The next biggest lie is that it would be at least five years to see increased domestic production if they gave everything the ok right now....bullshit. Idle wells (taken out of production by the regulators even though they are still productive) could be brought on line in a few months, and new wells would be producing within a year IF THE EPA WAS TOLD TO STUFF IT and streamline and/or eliminate the regulatory straightjacket preventing us from being able to do anything for ourselves any more. More crap is that we can't really expect any help from nuclear power because it "takes fifty years to get a new plant on line"....actual construction time is easily reducible to three years....the other 47 is regulatory obstruction. As the saying goes, figures don't lie but liars sure can figure.



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