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2011 Indian Chief

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One of my friends told me that his church is raffling of a willow green 2011 Indian Chief. Tickets are $50 bucks each. If interested, click here...



The church is in Haverhill, MA. So if you buy a ticket and win, I'll be more than happy to ride it for you... I mean ride it to you...


This is from their web site...


Vintage Indian Chief Motorcycle Raffle

It is time to FLY! All of the preliminaries are in place for us to launch our raffle for the 2011 Vintage Indian Chief Motorcycle! Tickets are $50 each and available for purchase.

John Wilkinson has given us the opportunity for this great fundraiser. Now we need YOUR help. We are asking congregants to help sell raffle tickets at upcoming motorcycle shows. The next shows are: June 7-11 at Americade in Lake George, NY, and June 14-18 in Laconia, NH for Motorcycle Week. We will also be present for "Indian Day" on Juy 17 in Springfield, MA (home of the original Indian Motorcycle. (You will be given vendor passes so you will not have to pay an entry fee.) These shows are fun for everybody who goes, especially those who have not had that much to do with motorcycle folks. Not only will you have a whole new adventure, but you will be participating in a project that is budgeted to garner Unity on the River as much as $52,000 (i.e. if we sell all 2,000 tickets)...and, if you join John you will be among the first to see OUR beautiful 2011 Vintage Indian Chief Motorcycle.

Please call John Wilkinson if you can help at any of the shows: 978-462-2984(h), 978-764-2524©, or e-mail him at wilkinson.john@comcast.net.

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A 2011 Chief for a raffle, should motivate most of us to take a chance!

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