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With all the protest going on in the middle east, you would think there would be protest here in USA to oust Obama. :Beer-Chug[1]:



Maybe so , but that would be portrayed as most racist in the MSMedia.


The Tea Party has been compromised by empty Republicrat Media darlings like Palin etal ...


Any protest would need fresh roots after the Tea Party's recent history.


Yeah, they killed it - blame the damnable Repulicrats for this one.



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The Tea Party is alive and well, expect it to be an effective force in 2012 as it was in 2010. The Racist charge has been totally unfounded and this label is now dead. The term Racist has been so over used and abused, so it generally means nothing anymore. Some have said that the phrase Racist has become the "N" word of years past. Anyway, Racist in terminology is not effective or useful to the left as before. Sarah Palin may be another story, time will tell if she will be another Neo Con or a true conservative. She has made some concerning statements lately, so I am concerned over her support of this fake war.


Obama is another tyrant that needs to do!

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