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Jack Daniels Explains The Deficit

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We may get tired of hearing about these problems, choose to ignore them and allow someone else to repair the damage. This is what they want everyone to do - abdicate responsibility and do nothing while the leaks get more enormous and out of hand until disaster is unrecoverable and permanent.


Can you fathom the depths of misinformation hiding the true picture?

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NOTICE: How the ticker banner during the Glen Beck interview says...


FED Head "Bernanke says Fannie and Freddy are in no danger of failing."


B) WOW there it is folks. All pink and naked for you all to see.


The FED lied to us then and they are lying about the bailout NOW.


How quickly we forget. :(





The cause of the EconoBust is explained... One corrective course to take is outlined and easily understandable reasons are given.

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Hey speaking of Jack Daniels & since we are on an Indian forum...anyone see the 1937 Scout in the new JD commercial?? I love it.



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Let's try again



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Yupper, saw that,

thought we was the only one ta notice,

it's there in it for just a few seconds..





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