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I hope this info helps some Bro or Sis on here keep their home or their family member's home or their friend's home from foreclosure...



ForeclousureGate is premeditated Fraud - Pure & Simple...Read on & View:



Foreclosuregate is the result of the biggest Ponzi scheme in U.S. History by Wall Street and the Banksters using our homes to create TRILIIONS of dollars of profit off of our paid off deeds and notes.


Then they intentionally collapsed the economy in order to collect on the other end of their scheme, Credit Default Swap Insurance and FRAUDCLOSURES.


WE paid for our property at origination so they may use our names and deeds to perp the mother of all FRAUDS. I think it is time they called it even.




With the securitization of loans into derivatives, many notes and note history of 'holder' ownership have been coming up. In other words, when legally challenged the forclosures are being forestalled and decided in favor of the home owner and the attorneys for the Bear Sterns & Bank of America are losing these cases...Poetic Justice.


There have even been cases where court costs and attorney fees were awarded to victorious homeowners fighting in court to keep their homes after modification denials numerous months of red tape with unresponsive mortgage companies.


The paper trails were not given any attention at the time of transfer from the original holders of the note. The only party that can prove ownership is the home owner. So the big bank claims for forclosure are dismissed.


Anyone attempting to keep thier home with this strategy will need a lawyer well versed in foreclosure defense techniques.


Pretender lenders allege the sale of securities they are not in "possession" of at the time of non judicial sale - essentially - asking the court to credit them with a "touchdown" despite the obvious fact that they don't have the "football" vis-a-vie a prior recorded mortgage assignment.


The existence of MERS SECURITIZATION covering the tracks of the GSE's by cutting out the county recorder's office is central to the Cloud on Title born by these pretender lenders like Countrywide and B of A.










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EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of the pattern of obfuscation and confusion, the securitizers intentionally create entire patterns of infrastructure that mimic the loan transaction — except with entirely different people or entities. Brian Davies dug up this Warehouse Lending agreement. It’s like picking a bank from which you will write checks. When you write a check on your account, the bank is not part of the deal that you are funding with that check. It is a conduit or facilitator. So here we are, with a BORROWER, SERVICER AND ORIGINATOR — none of which match up with the entities meeting that description in the loan transaction with the homeowner.

So there are two BORROWERS, two SERVICERS and two ORIGINATORS — all performing different tasks, all creating layers of confusion to enable the participants to claim plausible deniability. But how do you you REALLY deny something that happens 20 million times?

Now here comes the big question for investors. If they advanced money (called “selling forward” on Wall Street) for the purchase of a bond (same as a note), who was the payor and who was the payee? That is the essence of the question of identifying the real creditor, with standing. And it defines the essence of what documentation describes the payor? On the other end the same questions apply. Since the deal with the investor took place before the loan with the homeowner, the question of of the identity of the payor on the obligation due to investors must be answered first.

The payor to the investor is described in the documents setting up the securitization infrastructure. It includes many potential sources of revenue of channels of money for guarantees, cross collateralization, over-collateralization, guarantees and credit default swaps with insurance. AND it includes payments from a borrower who is NOT YET Identified. Thus the documentation does not describe a loan on a home between the owner of that home and the source of funds, it describes a transaction, part of which is being funded now, and part of which will be funded later whenever a borrower with a home shows up.

So now turn to the homeowner’s transaction which takes place without any disclosure of the above, contrary to the requirements of Federal and State law. The money comes from what is left of the investor’s money who advanced his funds for the purchase of the “bond” with multiple payors, one of which was not yet known. The payee is unknown and undisclosed. The fees generated from the transaction are undisclosed. AND the status of the people at the table is misrepresented. A note and mortgage (or deed of trust) is prepared introducing a totally new entity (that the banks call “bankruptcy-remote”) as the payee and the secured party, but which has no actual participation in the transaction except what is recited on paper.

Thus neither the investor nor the homeowner sees any paperwork that actually describes the transaction that they were induced to enter under obviously false pretenses. Neither of them has a fully documented transaction. And neither of them is the party to any instrument purporting to be security for the homeowner’s obligation because neither of them has signed or even seen the transaction that actually occurred. The paperwork is fatally defective in that it describes a transaction that did not occur while the real transaction goes without any paperwork at all.

The investor is owed money and the homeowner may owe money but neither one knows the other and neither is in privity with the other for contract purposes.


In equity there might be a claim from the investor against the


homeowner but the real claim, and the one the investors are pursuing is


against the investment bank who duped them into purchasing a holographic


image of a paper bag.



Go to the blogsite for much more info & info on State by State statutes.



You must get up earlier than the enemy to win the battle. This is an undeclared war against the US citizen homeowner/taxpayer. You can never have too much info (ammo) in a battle for survival.

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if you dont already know someone this has happened to you probably will soon


one of my bud's mortgage co. did this to them


he had to file bankruptcy

and sadly

this is one of the few

courses of action available when it's "already too late"



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