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Our Birth Certificates - The Legal Definition

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Are we free anymore? Or owned as privatly held strawman 'corporations' on the Stock Exchange?







Coming to grips with identity crisis. Owning & choosing the future.




Just more information again...

Meaningless drivle to most, I find this perspective challenging to entertain as fact.

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and electricity is magic. Dark magic, and good ( white ) magic may be used.


If you should over-tax the circuit, the magic will escape as smoke.


White smoke means that good magic was used to create the device.


Black smoke means dark magic was used.


Another intresting point.. light bulbs don't 'make' light. they suck up the dark.


Oh,, and this...


graivty does not exist. The Earth sucks.

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Come home safe, and put the ass back on your scooter.



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