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Demoralization Of A Nation Agenda 21

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Some scary stuff!!!! Now for a question to really show my ignorance, what can be done to maintain the America I agreed to fight for? The America that I want for my boys and their children? Voting certain persons into office is a slow and not necessarily fool proof process, Big Brother has deep pockets and lots of resources, the question, I believe, is how to get nearly 300 million people to grab Big Brother by the balls and pin his ass to the mat, make him scream UNCLE and give us back our damn country? Answer that my friends......Beer-Chug[1].gif


Semper Fi God, Corps, and MY Country!!!

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There are no simple answers to your question.


I think we would all prefer a simple HighNoon confrontation with a clear physical victory over 'our opponents'... but the reality is much too complex for victory in such a limited arena. We as a people are targets. It's up to us to analyze where the 'sniper fire' is coming from and how we have been and continue to be 'set up to take a fall'.


The problems are much too complex for easy analysis.


Most would rather drift along on their present comfort level and not make the effort to even discern truth from fiction, secret fact from nonsense.


Most are too busy, too selfconcerned, too lazy, too bored, too tired or too involved in day to day survival & relations with others on a mundane level to seek out the information needed for rational judgement. The easy way out is to call bullshit on all odd information and proofs.


Millions simply await their fate and choose not to look down the rabbit hole at all. "One day at a time." It is scary to contemplate the disconnect caused by looking at alternative information & definitions of our shared reality.


There is much more disinformation out there than simple truth. To wade through the crap takes time, a high tolerance for wasting time with worthless info to get to the core of the issues where you may just find some useful information that rings true.



I don't just post any old thing up here for discussion and I do put some thought into posting controversial subjects...I am not trying to panic or scare anyone...it is more a question to say "Have you heard of this or that concept? Does it ring true for you? Did you know this or that historical fact and how it may effect your life today or in the future?"








It is like Morpheus said to Nemo in the Matrix flick:


Take the red pill and delving deeper you may awake - Warning you won't like what you learn...and you may never again see & feel life as before.


Take the green pill and go back to the sleepy, dreamlife you cherish with your loved ones, friends and relations.


The choice is all yours.

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Maybe nothing will occur to break the complacent lifestyle on the Orwellian 'farm'. Animal Farm~George Orwell...it's a book~you know one of those printed pagey things people used to get info from?


If one person acts out alone, that person is put down like a rabid feral outcast leper bastard from hell~a jackwagon nutcase...


If people gather and speak amoung themselves ~ soon it is a 'conspiracy'. On the other hand, if Millions demanded an end to The FED's control of our treasury and limits to central planning already under way we may see some peaceful return to normalcy & economic growth with real job creation, deficit reductions & lowered taxes as well as an abandonment of socialist powerbased principles - even with our current prez in office. Political animals need the tacit approval of masses of citizens to accomplish their designs. There is a slippery slope on each side of the great divide.


Most just wait hoping to maintain the status quo putting off preparations till the helter~skelter clusterflack hits the fan. Like the KGBRuskie said 'The military boot hits 'em in his fat lazy ass and alerts him that something has changed and must be attended to either as a free man or docile slave.









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Bring America back and put an end the evil conspiracy and their agenda, the following will hurt them badly. End the Federal Reserve, Get us out of the United Nations and eliminate the IRS. Their program will then cease.

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Bring America back and put an end the evil conspiracy and their agenda, the following will hurt them badly.



End the Federal Reserve,


Get us out of the United Nations and


eliminate the IRS.


Their program will then cease.


1.) Tax the hell out of the FEDERAL RESERVE...after a thorough audit. Also coduct a thorough audit of the gold reserves and national treasure at Fort Knox. The FED is to held accountable for any shortfalls at audit + penalties & interest. We can then eliminate all Income Taxes for private citizens and small businesses.


2.) Establish dialouge based on US sovereignty within the UN. We need to be a role model for national sovereignty and maintain a voice in the world.


3.) Retask IRS with the FED's tax debt to American Taxpayers fund collection retroactive 96 years back to 1913 plus interest & penalties accrued since the Federal Reserve was first established.

This will balance the deficit and current budget.


4.) Return the currency exchange and government financials to Congress & the House of Represetatives where it is ordered in the Constitution.


5.) Total derailment of Socialist Agendas and Central Planning dating back to FDR presidency.


6.) Replace misappropriated (looted) funding for Social Security & Medicare.



7.) Any other thing that helps the economy and creates jobs...

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