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Foreclosure Big Money For Banks

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WTF...this has been going on for years...I have posted dozens of Xs about this. I know home owners who have attempted to get 'loan modifications' for 4 or 5 years without any success whatsoever...If you are not a bank or have connections to the 'miracle workers' there is no such thing as a loan modification for current home owners with upside down equity & balances amounting to more - many thousands more than the property's actual value today... It is in the Bank's interest to bend these busted laws to capture as many taxpayer$$$ as possible - WTF - it is free money... lots of it! More than you can count! An endless supply of free money...


'I found I'm a bit short of funds this quarter...' Goldman Sachs


"How many more Trillion do you Need?" US Government


I can see desperate people fed up with being second class citizens under the thumb of free government taxpayer bailout $$$ receiving GoldmanSachs crowd committing violent desperate acts as the true picture becomes well known amoung the victims of this fraudulent shit! GoldmanSachs is a fraudulent institution feed by fraudulent government (yes our present government is a fraud perpetrated on the American People) institutionalized bailouts - a festering black hole sucking the wealth of this country with no socially redeeming qualities whatsoever!


A person would have to be a 'complete idiot' to sign one of those promisary notes after viewing this video. WTF? Run Amuk! No wonder "THEY" want to control the Internet...Well it seems at least we know who some of "THEY is now...is there any doubt it's "THEY" that is the "MAIN Who's on Welfare NOW?" Bitches??? 'Trillionares on the Dole Made In USA'


Be suprized if the poor bastards who put out this video aren't found dead and done for in some ditch soon - probably won't make the News, though.



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This foreclosure video is just the tip of the iceberg...if this is 'free market capitalism then capitalism sucks and should be outlawed! That is what the play is, I believe - to get the vast majority to condemn capitalism. But this is not capitalism by the rules - this is piracy perpetrated & paid for with bribes by overly represented special interests.


There is an incentive to dismantle the US Economy one business at a time.


It is not in Big Bank's interest to loan Small or Large business needed funds...just wait for insolvency and foreclose on the real estate and auction off the equipment then go get that free government money to sweeten the deal...I see this happening NationWide - been happenning for years now.


The largest ponzie fraud ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting populace anywhere at any time. Black hole is sucking the wealth of the nation with no end in sight. Job creation is a sick joke. Republicans & Democrats are both to blame yet no one takes responsibility - no one is restricting or limiting the damage inflicted daily...this is the dismantling of America 100% illegal piracy and no one with authority wants to put an end to it.



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I hope this info helps some Bro or Sis on here keep their home or their family member's home or their friend's home from foreclosure...



ForeclousureGate is premeditated Fraud - Pure & Simple...Read on & View:



Foreclosuregate is the result of the biggest Ponzi scheme in U.S. History by Wall Street and the Banksters using our homes to create TRILIIONS of dollars of profit off of our paid off deeds and notes.


Then they intentionally collapsed the economy in order to collect on the other end of their scheme, Credit Default Swap Insurance and FRAUDCLOSURES.


WE paid for our property at origination so they may use our names and deeds to perp the mother of all FRAUDS. I think it is time they called it even.




With the securitization of loans into derivatives, many notes and note history of 'holder' ownership have been coming up. In other words, when legally challenged the forclosures are being forestalled and decided in favor of the home owner and the attorneys for the Bear Sterns & Bank of America are losing these cases...Poetic Justice.


There have even been cases where court costs and attorney fees were awarded to victorious homeowners fighting in court to keep their homes after modification denials numerous months of red tape with unresponsive mortgage companies.


The paper trails were not given any attention at the time of transfer from the original holders of the note. The only party that can prove ownership is the home owner. So the big bank claims for forclosure are dismissed.


Anyone attempting to keep thier home with this strategy will need a lawyer well versed in foreclosure defense techniques.


Pretender lenders allege the sale of securities they are not in "possession" of at the time of non judicial sale - essentially - asking the court to credit them with a "touchdown" despite the obvious fact that they don't have the "football" vis-a-vie a prior recorded mortgage assignment.


The existence of MERS SECURITIZATION covering the tracks of the GSE's by cutting out the county recorder's office is central to the Cloud on Title born by these pretender lenders like Countrywide and B of A.










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