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1911 Indian Racer To Run The Isle Of Man Tt

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Isle of Man TT


The bike pictured is an exact replica of the Indian that won the race 100 years ago!






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I thought Indian took first, second and third in that race. If it the one I/m thinking of it was called the tourist trophy.






Like to see that Indian take first place once again, thanks for the feedback.

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The new technical challenges of the Mountain Course forced changes on entrants and motor-cycle manufacturers alike. The American Indian Motor-Cycle factory fitted a two-speed gearbox and chain-drive. This proved to be the winning combination when Oliver Godfrey won the 1911 Isle of Man Senior TT race riding an Indian in 3 hours, 56 minutes and 10 seconds at an average speed of 47.63 mph.


See, it pays to convert to chain drive!!! :P


Some archived data

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If I remember correctly (which I probably don't) the debut of the Honda 250cc 6 cyl. was at the Isle, back in the 60's. I believe there are 2 left in existance. Forget the RPM the motor redlined at, but it was something like 17K. Screemin' sumbitch! :blink:

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also....another important piece of history exstablished with this race was Indians pioneering discovery that the color red will make your vehicle go faster.







Definately!!! Especially if it has black on it too!

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