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Trap Door Bearing Slop

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So it seems we ( As in Joe LOL ) figured out the cause for first gear shift trouble and ratchet when trying to get into first.


Not sure but seems my bike which had 7k on it when I got it ( 33k now )

Has a scout or spirit trans in it. The 02 Chiefs came with the trans black in color, mine is natural.


Any who, pulled it all down, thought might have a bent fork, or maybe the drum was worn out. Lo and behold the bearings were able to move side to side in the trap door pockets. This was allowing the main shaft to shift to the side a bit along with the fork trying to move the gear over, so it would get pushed out of the way slightly.


New trap door ! Yikes $ 215.00 so used bearing lock to glue the races.

Thing shifts like butter now :Beer-Chug[1]:


Joe Malfa is the man ! He was nice enough to let me watch while he performed his magic on it. Can't believe how much stuff that guy has in stock for these bikes

( KM 09- and up ones to now I guess ), everything we needed was right there !!!

:Score-101010[1]: :Score-101010[1]: :Score-101010[1]: :Score-101010[1]:

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