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Good Cop, Bad Cop

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Bad cop,...


In Sept I return after a holiday from Florida & get pulled over by a female RCMP cop,...I forgot to buy my lic plate renewal sticker & she charges me costing $230. I was only a few days over & most cops would give a break. But not a female cop. Why are they so f*cking hard on everyone?


Good Cop

My wife Hilary forgot to renew her plate sticker a few years ago & male RCMP lets her go with a good lecture, ...even though she had no insurance card and was over by 2-1/2 months.


Bad Cop,...a year ago,

I know this female Peace officer that works w my son-in-law Cory,...they are good friends. Her dog wrecked her couch & has no cash to replace,...so we bring her to our home & give her one from our recreation room,..deliver it no charge.


Then months later Hilary (C21 Agent) has a client w her & gets pulled over by the same female cop,...charges the poor women client with not wearing a seat belt. She never remember our kindness & was rude to Hilary when she tried to talk!!


The women who was charged was going through a real tough time,...she arrived in Red Deer to learn that her God Son was killed in a accident,...she was traumatized & simply forgot to put on her seat belt,...Give Her a Break!!!


Good cop,..Yes it's a male cop!!

.I'm at Pearson Int Airport in Toronto & lose my Remembrance day poppy,...I come across one on the floor & pick it up & put it on,...we fly to Calgary & are driving home,...it's about 12:30 am on Nov 11 Remembrance day.

We have jet lag & a thumping tire & miss a construction sign,...a cop pulls us over & asks for the usual,...everything is in order & lets me know I'm driving 30 klm to fast in the construction zone. We missed the signs.

Then he says,..." I see U are wearing a poppy,...anyone wearing a poppy today gets a break today,..You have a nice day John" and he was gone.

That sure made my day.


I'd rather deal with a male cop any day.

FWIW,...John in Red Deer

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LOL....yer right.......when I 1st started work'n @ FoMoCo there were no female supervision....very few women....then as time went by you'ld see 1 doin gurl jobs... tword the end they were thicker than fleas on a dog....lol n you'ld swear they had diks bigger than most men ...the way they'ld fuk with ya......BUT,...being a good UNION REP. "I" was known for make'n them break down n cry......THEN you'ld hear "she's a woman" lighten-up!!! lol.....then the next day she'ld fuk'm some more......... :Feet-Up[1]:

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