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Hey Zoom!! Did Your Phone Ring Last Night??

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Just heard about this on the radio, had to investigate further...



Tell me that's a Baby Ruth in there with ya!! :babyhaha::babyhaha::babyhaha:

Hahaha ! How in the world did you run across this article ? He was wearing a diaper and yelling at and chasing the kids for their candy. Lt. spared us this guy. His issues were intoxication and being an asshole. No need to waste our time. A few hours cured his level of intoxication but I think the other issue will be with him for life. He probably needs to go back to where he came from. Don't see things working out too well for him around these parts. Unfortunately, due to coastal resort town, we get a lot of "come here's" and guys like him don't mix well with the "from here's". Lucky he got arrested as that was probably better than the whooping he was signed up for. I think he had drank a case of "hey y'all, watch this"....

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or the turd within...

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Any time I shit that sez "Florida Man" I suspect 'ol Chiefin, I'm just sayin..........

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