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I Finally Understand!

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Let me give you all a bit of insight about Obamacare. Just so you know my prespective, I have been selling, installing and servicing medical insurance and employee benefit plans for 21 year. I know of what I speak.


First, most of what is in this exquisite act of legislative idiocy is unknow for the moment. Unitl Health and Human sevices and the Dept of Labor comes out with all the rules most of the experts are making educated guesses. There is some good, prevnting insurance companies from canceling plans when you get sick, a few other things, more than I want to write.


Here is something that is happening now. If you own a business and you give a higher medical insurance subsidy to you or your key people you may continue to do so as long as you dont change your plan or the contribution arrangement (grandfathered). If you change anything, the plan, the contributions, anything, then you may no longer give more to yourself or key people. So the fuckin gov't is telling you how to run your business and how much and what manner you can pay yourself and your employees. WTF????


So I think that intention was is that this will force the employer to give more to lower paid and less valuable employees. WRONG! What will happen is now everyone will get less. How do I know? I have had to explain this to employers. If any of these morons who wrote this pile of crap ever actually RAN a business they would have know this.


Another thing, universal coverage in MA was supposed to reduce premium, bullshit. MA is among the highest cost states. Goverment intervention does not reduce cost.


What WAS needed was actual health care reform, what we got was insurance reform. There is plenty of misdeeds on the part of the insurance industry, I told one of the CEO's of United healthcare right to his face just that. However the real problem is COST. We spend more per paitient in this country than anywhere else. There are many reasons for this, more than I have time to get into. The gov't had an oportunity to do something useful and they not only wasted it but they made things worse. So is my opinion.

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