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Fine getaway vehicle when out kidnappin' the 'pretty sheep'...


$75,000 USD


$100,000 AUSD


Hand Built, Limited Production scenario.

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Here's a few pics of Jeff Decker's Monoshock Shadow Build from 5/2010 Cali Quail Gathering:









Jeff Decker's Crocker rebuild from the previous year:







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Sweet, always wanted a Vincent. I haven't (knowingly) ever seen one. Screamin' demons. When I grow up and get rich, gonna get me one. :lol:

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Crocker is a beauty! Rare as hen teeth

I always thought the Vincent had the most beautiful engine.Looks like an egg to me.

I once saw a photo of a Vincent-Norton hybrid, apparently that was the best of both worlds for the cafe race set in Jolly old land back in the day.

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