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Ronnie and I blew into Fargo this a.m. - dropped G.P. off at Sno's. Try one more time to get the wide tire on (180 mm on 5.5 rim). Lookin' good this time.


I gotta say the new dealership is SKOOKUM!! I took a whole buncha pics - don't know if'n I'll be able to post them before I get back. I'm usin' Ronnie's computer and it's circa 1943. They got the former (Chrysler??) dealership and moved in April 1st. Huge!! The back service area has two mega bays - one for American and one for Metrics/British. Legendary is closed down, at least for now, and all the service is done here.


I'll post a separate item, but their Grand Opening is next Sat. - the 22nd. So if anyone is leaving Branson early, or can't make it to Branson, show up in Fargo and support ole Sno.


P.S. He's got, count 'em, THREE Bombers in stock!!!

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Way to Go Robert and Travis! I can't wait to pay a visit.....3 Bombers eh?




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