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Email Recieved Today Says 4Pm Live Video

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Got an email from a buddy today...We are over 12 million jobs in the hole at this point in time. There is an AFL/CIO sponsered march for jobs to the Bull on Wall Street beginning at 4 pm today. Doubt if this will do much to charge the economy. Those who control capital have basically been on strike since the meltdown and Obama's election. I don't know if you can coerce someone to create jobs if it is not in that person's best interest. I'm all for more jobs, tho - who isn't? - it is what this country needs most right now - full employment.

Anyway, live steaming video starts at 4:00PM. Take a look to see if any heads get cracked.


They are inviting virtual marchers to sign up on the following website:


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That should get interesting.

I'm thinking my old buddy WWII Dick (he died last year - was in his 80's) was correct. He studied world history and he told me that USA is in historic times. That time is the fall of the Roman Empire. He told me there are so many parrallel events happening it's scary and that was 2 years ago.

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