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Starklite Auction

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Watch in Hi Def!













California Classic Motorcycle Auction


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Pasadena Convention Center


300 E. Green Street


Pasadena, California 91101




Gates open at 9:00 am Friday Viewing Day


And Saturday 9:00 am Auction Day


Auction Starts at 10:30 am until closing




“Bator International is bringing it home!”



For further information about this upcoming Bator International Auction, please go to our website at www.batorauctions.com. or give us a call at (805) 646-9566.


See you there!!!


Glenn Bator


Bator International Inc.


Bator Auctions

338 Montana Road

Ojai, CA. 93023

805 646-9566 office/fax


805 798-1802 cellular

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Bummer to hear he is selling. I've toured his barn and remember visiting when he was building the prototype for what became the Gilroy/KM Vintage...


On a lighter note- I'm really digging that second video...

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I wonder if that'll include his '55?


According to "The Iron Redskin", Stark has one of the only 1955 Chiefs in existence.


After they built the 50 Chiefs for the NYPD, they had enough parts left over to build three more bikes. Starks was one of 'em.


It's a black Blackhawk, and it is the ONLY one that is confirmed as a '55, since he's had it from new.


(OK, yeah, there are plenty of 1955 Chiefs in existence...it's just that all the others are Royal Enfield 750's...Starks is an 80 cubic inch Springfield...)



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Me and Kimo visited Bob about a month ago, spent about 4 hours at his place talking with him and all.

He is 76 years old and quit racing bikes at 70, truely one amazing guy. He used to start and ride everyone of his bikes on a regular basis but due to a hip replacement a few years ago he can't kick start a bike any more. He wanted someone to take over the business but no takers. Bob wants to retire so he is selling off his collection. He has about 7 or 8 buildings just full of parts. There were a few bikes in his shop that are in the process of being restored. Not really sure how long Bob is going to continue his parts & repair business.

Bob has a son that runs his owns Indian parts and memorabilia store but he doesn't want any part of what Bob has been doing for the past 50 years or so.


If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you stop by and see Bob, He loves to talk Indians

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If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you stop by and see Bob, He loves to talk Indians

I had that shop on my list to visit when I was in that area a few months ago. Unfortunately driving in the LA traffic took up most of my day so I didn't make it. I just met his son this weekend at the Oley show. It would be tempting to fly out but I'm guessing there probably won't be any "great" bargains. Edited by Vintage229
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I like that indian head on the sammy pierce built 68 scout. Would like to have one.He has an amazing collection. To bad his son doesn't have his passion.

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