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My Z06 Schooled A Bmw M3 Sunday

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I have a buddy that paid almost 60K for his 06 BMW M3 and it is a nice sedan, and he swore he could beat my C5 Z06. I would laugh at him and say "Not even close" even thought he stats suggest the race would be close. Well, a year later and we finally settled the score yesterday along hwy 1 towards Lompoc. We raced 3 times...first time doing about 5 mph...I honk 3 times and off we go...well, off I went...he complianed his auto atic went into second...so we try again from a dead stop...spank you very much...again, easy 5-10 car lengths by third gear....then finally rolling aobut 50 in 3rd gear...it was a tad closer, but by 4th gear...bye,bye!

Now the Germans make good cars, and 345 HP out of a 6 banger is impressive, but to actually think he could take my C5 Z06?? HA!

I was quick to ask him "say, how much did you pay for that M3? LOL.

:Beer-Chug[1]: I'm gonna miss this Vette when I sell it!

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he should have known better...while it might beat or stay with a regular stock Vette...it wont with Z06. Hell my 07 335i will beat that M3....and keep up with a vette but I wont walk away from him unless the driver is just a cluster in his own right. BMW realized the 335i at $30 less than the M3 was outperforming their sports version on the track and street with the twin turbo I-6. For this year they went with a single turbo on 335i and upgraded motor on M3 so now there is truly a performance boost with the extra costs and fancy clothing associated with M3. I am going to keep my 2007 335i..BMW under stated its performance specs on the official specs in hopes of keeping all the M series buyers from going there. The new Vette was my first choice but wife wanted back seats and let me get the 335i instead. Nothing like cruising 90mph for 7 hours with fits of popping her into SPORT MODE and walking all the wannabe tuner cars on I-95...and still getting 29mpg :D


That included walking away from 350z, one of the Lexus sport cars...an Audi S4 and a Charger. :)

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way to spank him Keith. the guy was an idiot to think he could even be in the same ballpark as you. he knows now at least. you aren't going to see her are you???? my kids all have vettes now and we all went to the C5\C6 bash in Bowling Green a couple weeks ago and had a blast. they open up Beach Bend dragstrip for people to run on, one heck of an event. they unveiled the 2011 for us. in case you didn't know Beach Bend holds natl drag racing.

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Good deal Keith....I walked away from an older M3 myself three weeks ago when I went to DC again...and yes she let me drive her 335i again. Still kind of wish she would have gotten the Vette for me to borrow...LOL but both are faster than my bike and my old Land Cruiser. :)

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