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Last set of photos for your viewing pleasure.


Our Tiki Lounge, sorry no alcohol served.



My Medical Department. Lots of cool toys to play with. I know its a mess, but hey I just got here yesterday.




I guess that is it for now. I am hiking up to the fortress later, but I need find someone to go with me and we need to get our kit on and my weapons to make the hike. More pics to follow during this rotation. Sorry they are not Indian Motorcycle related. Ride Safe, Satdiver

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you got an address , so maybe some folks could send some care package,s to your boys, remember we need names! :Feet-Up[1]:


Thank you for the offer, I just want to clarify that we are not active duty (everyone is prior military), we are a security contractors. I will get you an address to should you feel inclined to send care packages to our Active Duty U.S. Military Troops here in Afghanistan. Once again thank you. Ride Safe, Satdiver.

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He Fernando, tell em to get ya one of these Indians!




Now that would be cool. We do have quads that we can ride, but I would rather have a URAL Gear-UP here. Satdiver

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Hey Fernando, did you have anything to do with this nice shot of your nurse?


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