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Tire companies spokesman sounds like the tobacco companies with their "no scientific evidence" of decay with age issue.


Retailers sound like they are too f'n layzzee to trade old ones back to the manufacturer for recycling because real recycling does not exist within the tire industry.They could inventory according to mf'd dates easily but don't. Another slash and burn industry within the slowly dying Capitolist system that we enjoy today.


There are many preventable fatalities that better self-policing could enable. This prevention of needless loss of life and the loss of life category itself should be most importante to the average consumer yet can't be fathomed without a complicated set of obscure deciphering codes - unintelligible to the average Nortre Americano, Senour. Senour, please press 1 for Engleesh, Senour,comprende? Senour, por favor?? :D:D:lol:

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