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2010 Summer Ride

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The AlbertaIronIndianRiders.ca are trying to put together a ride..... pony express style.... in aid of our Charity Ronald McDonald House. This ride would start at the West coast of Canada ( British Columbia) travel Eastward to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, etc. and end up in Nova Scotia. ( stopping in at Ronald McDonald House's) along the way.

We are planning to have a ( First Nations) Indian Chief from the West Coast present us with a Ceremonial Feather and we would transport it to the East Coast and present it to a (First Nations) Chief there.

Blue Diesel sits of the board of Directors for Ronald McDonald House and it was his suggestion that we choose Ronald McDonald House as our charity. We jumped on this idea as Ronald McDonald House helps families when they are in trouble.

What I am asking ...is for help to put a list of Canadian Riders who are members in the IIRA , from all provinces that could help us put this dream together. Of course we would love the aid of the U.S. riders as well. If you know of Canadian Riders that we don't please pass this on.

It's alot of work to get this all together but I think if we get the media attention we need all will go smooth. Please contact me through this website or the AlbertaIronIndianRiders.Ca website or Sinclair@nucleus.com



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