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To Yankees Fans

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Ho hum, just another beatdown by the best team in baseball history.


Its kinda fun in those years when the Yankees let somebody else win.


Sorry about that, Pete.

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Congrats Hank, I had to call my brother-in-law with hat in hand this morning. You guys deserve it. I gained a new respect , albiet a reluctant one on two recent occasions. Opening day 2005 when we got our rings and the Yankees watched on and applauded politely except that prick Jerk-Rod. The second when Ol Johnny Pesky's number was retired this year and again we were playing the Yankees. They ALL stood up and applauded Johnny Pesky, mwmbwe of the 1947 Red Sox, and in continuous employ of them untill this day. My hat is off to the Yankees for buying .....err winning another Championship. Hopefully we can buy it back next year.

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