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Hey Dr. Mark........

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About Houston Dale Nutt............


When the fourth ranked team in the country cain't put up but 10 points against an unranked team.....


And loses..........


The only reason he got coach of the year last year was on the previous coaches recuited talent......


Watch, it's only gonna get worse......

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The problem with Orgeron was far worse though. He'd recruit great talent, but couldn't coach his way outta a paper bag.


Last night was pitiful.


Well...offensively it was pitiful.

The defense played pretty well.


Snead, on the other hand, looked like shit. Heisman candidate, my ass.


If he had played half as well as his press clippings, we'd have beaten SC like a drum. He made shitty decisions and bone head throws, and missed reads everywhere. There were open recievers all over the field and he kept trying to force it into double coverage. WTF?!?!?


Oh, well.


At least the Eli and the Giants are kicking ass and taking names. (How 'BOUT them Cowboys? LMMFAO!)



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There was an interview a while back by some sports fella with a coupla other SEC local sports guys. They were assessing the upcoming season, personel, coaching changes and whatnot. When they got around to numbNUTT, the consensus was, "Hell, everybody knows what Houston's gonna do." When it's third and eight ya run it up the middle, then punt. The guy has no offensive skills and will not let anyone else do it because of his gigantic ego. He had the most innovative mind to come along in years up here and when the guy stated getting a little recognition, Nutt couldn't stand it and got rid of him.


I'm talking about Gus Malzahn. Now David Lee is running that offense he picked up from Gus down at Miami.

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