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Kiwi Merges With Kustomcycles

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Excerpt below. Click here for source.


Kiwi Indian and Klock Werks Kustom Cycles have formed a joint venture to help move both companies forward. Mike Tomas of Kiwi Indian has already moved his parts distribution from California to Mitchell, South Dakota. "Brian and I are close friends who share the same work ethic and long-term vision about the future of our respective businesses," said Mike. Kiwi's service/repair work, restorations, manufacturing, and new bike building will remain in California for now. Brian stated that financially both companies are fortunately strong. The venture makes Kiwi's parts line more centrally located to more easily reach many industry events and provide access to parts distribution routes. "One warehouse, better shipping contracts, and improved customer service are all goals we hope for," Brian said. "We all are smiling about this new venture and look forward to the challenges ahead. The camaraderie that is motorcycling lives on!"www.kustomcycles.com, www.kiwi-indian.com

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Mike's been talking about doing that for some time now. It's a shame that Kalifornia is pushing small businesses like his out of the state with all the laws, taxes and legal headaches.

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