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Sons of liberty news letter...

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freebird914 writes "As provided by Sons Of Liberty News letter...


Stop S. 2358


This was made aware to us at the NCOM convention. It attempts to redefine

street gangs in a way that could be made to include any of us. Let your

senator know that we oppose this bill. It is so broad that the feds could

make it apply to anything the want.






`(A) IN GENERAL- The term `criminal street gang' means an ongoing formal or

informal group, club, organization, or association of 3 or more persons

through or for which they individually, jointly, or in combination, have

committed or attempted to commit, for the direct or indirect benefit of, at

the direction of, or in association with the group, club, organization, or

association, 3 or more unrelated predicate gang crimes, provided that--

`(III) Membership, age or other qualifications, initiation rites,

geographical or territorial situs, boundary, or location, or other unifying

mark, manner, protocol, or method of expressing or indicating membership


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Actually, the way I read that if you are not commiting crimes, then although you are a "gang" of sorts, you would not be a criminal street gang. However, I would need to read more of the proposed law to get a better idea. I could see that with loose definitions that some asshole cop could write three tickets for riders in the group and thus cross the three gang crimes to give them the excuse to hassle you guys.


But, its just better to stop the government early before these peopel can do any damage.

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