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And They Say There's No Cure For Stupid....

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Biker flips off a motorhome driver, passes, then forgets basic physics about mass and distance because of road rage and the I'll show him mentality (appears to be, anyway). Motorhome weighs a few tons, can't slow down that fast. I feel for the families, but road rage does kill and this did not have to happen. Stay calm and patient out there, folks. Motorhomes weigh almost as much as semi's (well, in this case more than a panel truck). They are going to go uphill slower than the speed limit. They don't like holding up traffic any more than you like being behind them. I know, I drive a 38 footer. When my foot is on the floor to get up the hill and you decide to suddenly slow down too close in front of me, that distance can close faster than I can get my foot on the brake. Even if I do get my foot on the brake in time, there's a lot of mass behind me that's still moving forward. Once contact is made, it's over. Stay smart and stay alive.




By the way, I think this cure worked...however;


Since I also ride, there is another possibility that could have caused this. Biker just picked the wrong time to hit the gas going up-hill. Ran out of gas and couldn't hit reserve quick enough Most of know how fast engine compression will slow down a non-firing bike. I've had it happen to me passing semi's on the flat, and once in the passing lane going up a hill. Wakes you right up, especially if there's another bike behind you that's accelerating too. If they aren't in the other 1/3 of the lane you are in, it's not going to be pretty. Same thing if a car/truck was on my bumper trying to get around the truck/rv too. Road rage may have started this, but it may have been lack of fuel that ended it. At least, that's one idea that gives the biker the benefit of the doubt. May he RIP.

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That happened about 10 miles from my house, I have seen that scoot at events around the area. Some have said he was not flipping the driver off, Just waving his hand like he was trying to get the driver of the motorhomes attention. I was in a situation like that about a year ago (not fun @ all) Some drivers don't know the old sign of distress (waving your hand like a fool) Luckily the guy behind me was paying attention & was cool enough to block traffic allowing me to cross 3 lanes and get to the side of I-5.


We may never know the reason or cause of this death.

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