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Fat charlie in texas

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Just wanted to let everyone know I had the pleasure of meeting Fat Charlie from New Mexico today at the Redline Raceway in the Dallas area seams the team hes on has a Radical new play toy its a 600hp Shovelhead drag bike I have pics and will post shortly The team Fat Charlies a part of is probably the best group of guys I have had the pleasure to meet I'll try to keep up with where they are at and post it so if there in your area you gotta stop by  and say Hi and see this thing, well worth it.

Also had the pleasure of riding out there with Ms. LeatherchickLaura which is always a treat, Whatdoyouwant from Tyler was there as well and all around great guy.

There sapose to be back in the metroplex again in 3 weeks so if you live in the area you gotta go see em I know I'll be back out there. I'll keep posting when and where as soon as I know.


Ride Safe

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We just got home a few min ago. The motor home blew a tire just after we left the race track. It was fun driving around at 10 mph looking for a tire on a sunday eve. We had to stay in Dallas over night. No one would let us park in their parking lots so we had to get a motel room to have a place to park the motor home & trailer. We thought it strange that a motel 6 would have an armed guard at the gate entrance but found out later we were in a very bad neighborhood.  The good part is we found a tire monday morning & got on our way.

It was great seeing Paul again, meeting Jay & Laura. Hope to meet more of you at upcomming races.


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