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Grand Opening of Indian Motorcycle Omaha

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I'd like to invite everyone to the Grand Opening of Indian Motorcycle Omaha Friday thru Sunday May 29 - 31, 2009. Located on I-80 just west of Omaha @ exit 432. We will have the factory demo trailer with FREE demo rides for all qualified riders. (A valid motorcycle license, proof of insurance, and appropriate riding gear.)


Hope to see more Indians than you can shake a stick at in our parking lot.


Richard Penn

Indian Motorcycle Omaha

(402) 332-4802

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Wanna guess were the factory trailer will be on the next weekend? I'll give you a clue, go north and veer east a little bit about 400 miles total.

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welcome to you both.

I spent last july til september in omaha and i went looking for the new dealership when i heard it was opening..of course i didn't find it!...

very pretty city, great riding around there--not flat like i expected. look to get there and ride those LOOOOONG, straight, hilly roads some day. maybe when the LSU tigers head up to the world series in a bit???

good luck to your dealerships.


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