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Myrtle Beach Bans Bikers

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And there's been one unexpected result — white and black bikers separated by race and motorcycle style — have joined in a common cause.


"We've laughed about that, both sides," Harrell said. "They did something that we all never thought would be possible — that would be the black biking community and the white biking community coming together and being united — standing next to each other and saying we as bikers will not stand for certain things."

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Bikers.....who needs em?

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The new Harley and Victory dressers in stock form are also very quite. The shift into 1st gear transmission clunk on a Victory Vision is waaaay louder than the exhuast.


I was in Myrtle Beach a couple years ago in Feb a couple weeks before spring break and it was pretty much a senior town. Went to the marina and a bunch of retired people were sitting on large wooden cape cod style chairs licking away on ice cream cones. I could have rolled through on a Goldwing and gotton thumbs up as they are whisper quite and an old man's bike. Damn loud pipes on this vtwins give the old pharts at Myrtle too much squeeling feedback in their hearing aids.

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