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Excerpt from recent ann coulter essay on john kerr

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My answer is NO!


Excerpt from recent Ann Coulter essay on John Kerry


Kerry was indisputably brave in Vietnam, and it's kind

of cute to see   Democrats pretend to admire military service. Physical

courage, like   chastity, is something liberals usually deride, but

are tickled when it accidentally manifests itself in one of their own. One

has to stand in awe   of Kerry's military service 33 years ago. Of course,

that's where it ends,   including with Kerry -- inasmuch as, upon his return

from war in 1970, he   promptly began trashing his fellow Vietnam vets by

calling them genocidal   murderers.


But if Bush can't talk to Kerry about the horrors of   war, then Kerry sure

as hell can't talk to anyone about the plight of the   middle class.  


Kerry's life experience consists of living off other   men's money by marrying

their wives and daughters. For over 30 years, Kerry's   primary occupation has

been stalking lonely heiresses. Not to get back to his combat experience,

but Kerry sees a room full of wealthy widows as "a arget-rich environment"


This is a guy whose experience dealing with tax roblems is based on

spending his entire adult life being supported by rich women

does a kept man know about taxes?


In 1970, Kerry married into the family of Julia Thorne    - a family estimated

to be worth about $300 million. She got depressed, so   he promptly left her

and was soon seen catting around with Hollywood   starlets, mostly while the

cad was still married. (Apparently, JFK really was his   mentor.) Thorne is

well-bred enough to say nothing ill of her Lothario   ex-husband. He is,

after all, the father of her children -- a fact that   never seemed to

constrain him. When Kerry was about to become the   latest Heinz family

charity, he sought to have his marriage to Thorne   annulled, despite the fact

that it had produced two children. It seems his second   meal ticket, Teresa

Heinz, wanted the first marriage annulled -- and Heinz   is worth more than

$700 million.


Kerry claims he will stand up to powerful interests,   but he can't even stand

up to his wife. Heinz made Kerry sign a prenuptial   agreement, presumably

aware of how careless he is with other people's   property, such as other

people's Vietnam War medals, which Kerry threw on the   ground during a 1971

anti-war demonstration.


At pains to make Kerry sound like a normal American,   his campaign has

described how Kerry risked everything, mortgaging his   home in Boston to help

pay for his presidential campaign. Technically, Kerry   took out a $6 million

mortgage for "his share" of "the family's home" --   which was bought with the

Hein! z family fortune. (Why should he spend his own   money? He didn't throw

away his own medals.) I'm sure the average working   stiff in Massachusetts

can relate to a guy who borrows $6 million against his   house to pay for TV



Kerry's campaign has stoutly insisted that he will pay   off the mortgage

himself, with no help from his rich wife. Let's see:   According to tax

returns released by his campaign, in 2002, Kerry's   income was $144,091. But

as The Washington Post recently reported, even a $5   million mortgage paid

back over 30 years at favorable interest rates would   cost $30,389 a month -- or $364,668 a year.

The Democrats' joy at nominating Kerry is perplexing.   To be sure, liberals

take a peculiar, wrathful pleasure in supporting   pacifist military types.

And Kerry's life story is not without a certain feral   aggression. But if

we're going to determine fitness for office based on   life experience, Kerry

clearly has no experience dealing with problems of   typical Americans since

he is a cad and a gigolo living in the lap of other   men's money.


Kerry is like some character in a Balzac novel, an   adventurer twirling the

end of his mustache and preying on rich women. This   low-born poseur with

his threadbare pseudo-Brahmin family bought a   political career with one rich

woman's money, dumped her, and made off with another   heiress to enable him

to run for president.


f Democrats want to talk about middle-class tax cuts,   couldn't they

nominate someone who hasn't been a poodle to rich   women for past 33 years?

Don't forget:

John Kerry is strong on defense


He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle


He voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank


He voted to kill every Aircraft carrier laid down from



He voted to kill the Aegis anti aircraft system


He voted to Kill the F-15 strike eagle


He voted to Kill the Block 60 F-16


He voted to Kill the P-3 Orion upgrade


He voted to Kill the B-1


He voted to Kill the B-2


He voted to Kill the Patriot anti Missile system


He voted to Kill the FA-18


He voted to Kill the B-2


He voted to Kill the F117 In short, he voted to kill

every military   appropriation for the development and deployment of

every weapons systems   since 1988 to include the bat! tle armor for our

troops. With Kerry as   president our Army will be made up of naked men

running around with sticks   and clubs.


He also voted to kill all anti terrorism activities of   every agency of the

U.S. Government and to cut the funding of the FBI by   60%, to cut the funding

for the CIA by 80%, and cut the funding for the NSA by   80%. But then he

voted to increase OUR funding for U.N operations by   800%!!!


Is THIS a President YOU want?



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Ann Coulter is fugly, gaunt, has the intelligence of a gnat and the credibility of a convict. I cannot believe anyone would bother to quote from this fascist insane bitch. :shocked: Defeating her in debate is not close to being a challenge.
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Ann Coulter is fugly, gaunt, has the intelligence of a gnat and the credibility of a convict. I cannot believe anyone would bother to quote from this fascist insane bitch. :shocked: Defeating her in debate is not close to being a challenge.

I think it would be very entertaining to watch you try.

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I don't. 10 seconds and I'll intellectually knock dat bitch out! Geroge Will, William Saffire, Pat Buchanen, Will F. Buckley...Hell, evern Tucker Carleson so outclass her. She's just talk radio anger for television and serves as a very poor representative for Conservatives.
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