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to bad they dont say who's fault(%) ,cagers or Bikers. Only say speed, Probably going to slow and got run over




Motorcycle fatalities continue climbing in Inland area, statewide

10:00 PM Wed, May 06, 2009 | Permalink | Comments (0)

Posted by: PE News


More than 500 motorcyclists died last year in California traffic collisions, marking at least the fourth consecutive year of rising fatalities, according to preliminary numbers from the California Highway Patrol.


"Year after year, the number one identifiable primary collision factor for motorcycle-involved collisions is unsafe speed," said CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow, a former police motorcycle officer.


San Bernardino and Riverside counties ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, among California counties in their total number of motorcycle collisions in 2007, the most recent year for which complete statistics are available. San Bernardino County recorded 831 wrecks in 2007, with Riverside totaling 714.


In terms of motorcyclists killed, however, Riverside County placed third among California counties in 2007, when 41 riders died in collisions.


In 2006, San Bernardino County also posted 41 motorcyclist fatalities, placing the county in second place that year for the highest number of dead riders. Los Angeles County placed first and San Diego Counties was in third spot.


Statewide, 465 motorcyclists died in 2007, The total was 433 in 2006, 404 in 2005 and 350 in 2004.


—Richard Brooks


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Yea, though they publish this with "Year after year, the number one identifiable primary collision factor for motorcycle-involved collisions is unsafe speed", leaving everyone reading it to think " those God-Damned motorcycles are racing around causing accidents". The unsafe speed could have just as easily been on the side of the cage. I've had two friends die on bikes in the last three years from a cage T-Boning them as the cage runs a stop sign/light.


Stuff like this enflames the conservative cage drivers, who think all bikes are all being driven by a bunch of Hot Rod Crotch Rocket drugged out bikers. Gonna come back and bite us one day.

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