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Power house 100? what else is wrong with this?

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What is it with reporters that don't do the minimum of research before pounding on a keyboard? The author repeatedly refers to the PP as the "Powerhouse 100" engine. He puts the shutdown date as "around September 23, 2003"


Is it really too much to ask for just the most basic of fact checking before writing something for all to see and be misled by?




As if that wasn't bad enough, then there's this:


 :shocked:  :veryangry:


Of course, me and my loud mouth sent them a letter pointing out the inaccuracies of that article.....they also had a photo of a 2002/2003 red Chief which they labeled as a '04 model.

-ANT (on a rant)

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Well said Ant!


My Dad was a newspaper editor for years, and we learned at a young age to check and re-check our facts before we put something in writing or passed it on from friend to friend.  When I wrote a report on Norway in the 4th grade, it was like having Edward R. Murrow for a father/editor.


It's unfortunate how much inaccurate writing passes for journalism.  No wonder we get rumor after rumor.



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Eddie R? Now, you're dating yourself! LOL It's a shame that nowadays anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a reporter. It appears that even a dunderhead like me has a better grasp of the written word than the majority of these derelicts.....or izzat dairy licks?


To quote the son of Sylvester the cat "Oh father, I'm so ashamed!"


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